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Condition Based Monitoring (CbM) can be classed as part of an overall engineering preventative maintenance process where the condition and state of your factory or site manufacturing and processing equipment is monitored for the early signs of impending failure.

The trend monitoring process of condition based monitoring is carried out with regards to the detection of components and assemblies that are overheating and hence producing excessive vibration.

Various items of engineering and manufacturing equipment (machinery) can be monitored using sophisticated instrumentation such as hi-tech vibration analysis equipment, thermal imaging, as well as the human senses. Where items of instrumentation is used actual limits of machinery components condition can be applied to activate and trigger essential maintenance and repair activity.

Condition Monitoring (CM), Predictive Maintenance (PdM), and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) are other terms used to describe this engineering works process.

Condition Monitoring and (Condition Based Monitoring) is an effective form of “predictive maintenance” where engineering maintenance staff can monitor the condition of specific areas of production machinery, plant and equipment. This can be done automatically with the use of specialist instrumentation such as machinery vibration analysis units and also thermal imaging equipment, alternatively it can be done manually.

In automatic CBM when any monitored and predefined condition limit is exceeded, a signal or output is turned on. This output can be sent directly to a CMMS so that a repair work order is generated automatically. This is particularly suited to continuous process and UK manufacturing plants where machinery plant failure and production downtime can be extremely costly.

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